We love our kittens and we love the families who provide their forever homes. Below are some of the kind words and family snapshots from SugarSphynx family members.

… Ethel ensures that safety is her main priority. She will never release a kitten if she thinks they’re not ready for travel. As for my experience, Ethel and Jim had Lloyd cozy in a carrier, and dropped off at the airport …. it was the longest day of my life waiting for our Lloyd to land in Toronto. He arrived in perfect health. He didn’t show any signs of anxiety (because Ethel ensured he was ready for his flight)…. When I finally got him home his carrier was his “safe” place for a couple days and before I knew it, he was a part of the family as if he’s always been there. Lloyd 100% completed us. I will never go to another breeder.
C. Lennon

Ethel is an amazing breeder, maintains excellent communication and you become part of a family… we’ll be adopting with Ethel again!
M. Wright

I’ve had baby Ruby for 4 months now. He’s the sweetest little kitty. So well balanced and easy going. He’s never been afraid of anything, even the first day. Speaks volumes to his raising before joining my family. He’s very affectionate & loving. And my vet says he’s perfect. SugarSphynx came recommended to me & I’ve been happy.     
A. Kate

I am so blessed to have been introduced to Ethel when I was searching for my Sphynx baby back at the beginning of this year.  I can honestly say Ethel is amazing, very knowledgeable and has a heart of gold!  I finally became a very proud mummy of my Etheljean (freaky coincidence that I was naming my cat Ethel too) in April.  She is the most amazing cat and is testimony to how well Ethel looks after and raises her babies.
J. Reeves

I honestly believe that there isn’t anyone who will take better care of your new born kitten better than Momma E and Jim. I didn’t have Holtby shipped but the amount of care I have witnessed at their home with the kittens and adult cats is off the charts. If your kitten isn’t ready he/she simply won’t go until they are. They come first. Every. Time.You’re in the best possible hands to be in with these two. I promise you.
J. Boire

I live in upstate New York. Our experience was amazing. We were dealing with  travel restrictions due to Covid, but together we came up with a great travel plan. Our babies LuLu and Lizzie May were well prepped for travel… Momma Ethel and Poppa Jim took such care of our girls and kept us updated every step of the way to us. We are forever grateful to them both.
O. Zee

Lenore, Lex, and Loki, all from Ethel, the sweetest babies a girl could hope for! Once you have a sphynx there’s no going back lol, they’re just so great.
S. Bomford

I have two nakids from SugarSphynx.   They were not my first experience.  When I found Ethel I had lost a baby to HCM and the breeder replaced said kitty with a boy who had issues. Ethel came into my life 4 almost 5 years ago when I fell in love with my boy Klyde. She was able to prove to me the quality of her cattery and never turned me away. I know times are tough now and maybe visits are tough due to restrictions however, I recommend Ethel’s cattery.   I recommend Ethel. A lady who loves not just the breed, she loves the creature they become and believe me when I say it shows. Ethel also supports her adoptees being ever available for questions.
My 2nd adoptee Hermano has become an active member of my family.  He is ever willing to play and snuggle. An amazing boy. Again Ethel helps me with him as he is a rescue and she is ever willing to be there for him. This lady truly loves Sphynx and runs an amazing cattery where her love and devotion is reflected in the animals themselves. 
L. McCaig

We are blessed to have two Lykoi kids from Ethel and Jim. Thimble and Draigo both travelled so well to Ontario and settled in to our home easily. These gorgeous cats are quirky, hilarious, loving and so smart. And an additional bonus is that Ethel and Jim have been an amazing source of knowledge and support for the years we have had our critters. We are part of the SugarSphynx family and would never get a cat anywhere else.
V. Murtha

You won’t be disappointed with SugarSphynx. Ethel starts prepping them for their new home almost from day 1. She starts grooming them, touching their feet, and socializing them. To this day my little girls love their feet touched and trimming nails is eazy-peazy. Those are the differentiators of a person who truly has the cats best interest in mind. I could go on and on. Rest assured you will have an amazing experience. Best of luck with your new baby. It’s such an exciting time!!
M. OnTheMountain

This is our second sphynx and this time we had the best breeder experience! Healthy happy kitten, lots of open communication,  very caring and passionate about her kitties! 10/10 experience.
S. Gabriel

Ethel was able to answer every question I had.  Knew breed specific issues, proper socializing and importance of health care.  She works very hard at finding the perfect family for each of her naked kids.  I am confident in her that I have referred others to her.  We have had Shaw for 2 years now and he is such a well socialized cat which started from the day he was born.  
B. Perlinger

Some of Our Kittens Living Their Best Lives

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