Hello, we are SugarSphynx & Lykoi!

We breed awesome Lykoi and Sphynx

SugarSphynx and Lykoi Canada ‚Äčis a small Cattery in Southern Alberta Canada. Our breeding cats undergo regular health examinations and are scanned for HCM every year. We have a primary Veterinarian with a feline specialty, that cares for our Cattery.

All our babies are raised in a loving home environment, fed only the best food and no money or time is spared for the raising of our bundles of joy!

Health Guarantee

We offer a two year HCM guarantee. Details are covered in our contract. We do our very best to breed healthy kittens but, sometimes despite our best efforts the unspeakable happens. We will do our best to support you through this. We will provide you with a kitten when you are ready to love once again.

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